Refund Policy

First of all, we want to thank you for shopping from us.
IF you are unhappy with the purchase you have made, we are here to help you!
Our manufacturing processes require great hygiene and sterile conditions during each stage.
The manufacturing process also doesn’t allow us for making returns possible and most of the time the sales are final. However, we don’t want to leave you dissatisfied with the product. This is why we are handling the returns and exchanges with a case by case basis.
If the products reach the user in a malfunctioning condition or damaged, we require video evidence of the products condition. You can email the evidence to [email protected]
If the video evidence or your contact with us is approved, then we need you to return the product as you have received, with its original packaging and its received state, with the receipt.
If you are not satisfied with the order you made, we encourage you to make the contact directly with us within 15 days. We will be helping our customers with our best intentions to resolve the issue in the first place.
Unfortunately, the purchases that have been made cannot be canceled. This is because of the system’s automatic structure. When the purchase is approved, the system will label the products and send them to the shipping procedure.