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BlackPods 3 will amaze you with features such as longer battery life, water-resistance, premium bass, and high-quality sound!

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BlackPods 3 Have Everything You May Want

If you are looking for studio-quality music and not bound to any annoying cords, BlackPods 3 is the right choice for you. The setup part is simple and easy to handle, one-tap and you are good to go.

tap control function


BlackPods 3 Is Smart

It is always a struggle when someone is trying to talk to you. You have to take your ear pods out then stop the music playing on your device etc. However, this isn’t the case anymore with BlackPods 3. It has a self-built sound pausing system when you take them out from your ears.

The most important feature of this system is that it works with the latest technology of Bluetooth 5.0, which delivers data without any cable in the fastest possible way. It is also compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems, so you can enjoy your music or any sound from your mobile phone.

left right used alone


Wireless Problems Requires Wireless Solutions

This device offers a great solution to one of the biggest challenges of wireless products. It comes with its wireless case that can store energy for the BlackPods up to 24 hours, and you can use your BlackPods for 5 hours listening time per charge. The wireless case itself is a great design that solves a problem with the wireless products. This means that you can charge your headphones while you are listening to music. You can also charge your headphones while you are traveling or spending time outdoors so your headphones will be ready for you. Another wireless approach BlackPods come up with is built-in Siri/Google assistant. It allows you to interact with voice commands.

In short, if you are looking for a magical wireless experience with high-quality sound and sleek design for an affordable cost, BlackPods 3 is the device you are looking for.

battery life

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24 reviews for BlackPods 3

  1. Verified Purchase

    I bought these for my kid and after witnessing the sound quality me and my wife bought two more pairs for ourselves. I hope they are as durable as you promise as well.

    blackpods 3 review
  2. Verified Purchase

    I’ve bought 3 pairs now. The first two were eaten by the dog at different points in time and therefore needed to be replaced. The sound quality is decent, but I don’t have anything to compare it to. Each pair has had it’s own type of glitchy-ness. The latest pair cuts in and out for no discernible reason. But, reasonably priced considering my dog will likely chew thru them again in the future.

  3. Verified Purchase

    At first, I was hesitant to purchase from your store. After a brief research on the internet, I could not find any negative comments about your products. Today, I am glad that I preferred your company. I did not only saved money but I also received amazing earphones.

    blackpods 3 review
  4. Verified Purchase

    excellent, pretty useful.. easy to use and reliable. aesthetically, they look great to me.

    blackpods 3 review
  5. Verified Purchase

    Great except the Left one falls out. Fell out getting into my car. Fell out multiple times as I ate dinner. I really wanted to like these but if I’m always afraid one will just fall out then what good are they?

  6. Verified Purchase

    we really enjoyed its long lasting battery life. in general, i need to recharge my earphones two or three times a day since i listen to music while studying. but I only needed to charge them for once in almost ten consecutive hours.

    blackpods 3 review
  7. Verified Purchase

    I definitely recommend these earphones to those who want to keep their money in their pockets. No need to waste hundreds of dollars to wireless earphones while you can buy these.

    blackpods 3 review
  8. Verified Purchase

    I had worries about the late shipping, but I received my order in 4 days in Seattle. I think it’s pretty normal since I have shopped from an overseas company. If you are looking for a premium quality earphones, these are what you are looking for mates.

  9. Verified Purchase

    Got it for my wife’s birthday. Since XS doesn’t have the old headphone plugs, blackpods work perfectly. More importantly she loves it. Sound effect is pretty good too.

  10. Verified Purchase

    they are amazing. it’s as simple as just opening the case and you’re in. sound quality isn’t the best for headphones at this same price but the convenience is where you will be satisfied..

  11. Verified Purchase

    Wow… You told me that the shipment will arrive between 6-7 days. I’m living in Sheffield and I got it only in 2 days.. Thanks for the great packaging and great product. I really liked their quality. 🙂

    blackpods 3 review
  12. Verified Purchase

    Some of my friends are buying their earphones from your company. They recommended you and I bought two pairs. Thanks for the great products and amazing price.

    blackpods 3 review
  13. Verified Purchase

    I received my earphone yesterday and been using it for a day. I’m pretty glad that I have preferred this model. I loved the design and quality.

    blackpods 3 review
  14. Verified Purchase

    Tap control function of these earphones work very well. I could not decide between this and the pro model. I bought these to check the quality of these earphones. I wish I would not buy them and instead buy the pro model since I really loved them.

  15. Verified Purchase

    Thanks for the quick shipment. The products were well packaged. I really enjoyed from my shopping and I recommend.

    blackpods 3 review
  16. Verified Purchase

    I wish every seller would be as caring as you are. Thanks for the great support and quick shipment. I already recommended your product to my friends.

  17. Verified Purchase

    without a doubt, i will buy my future earphones from your company. it may be great if you offer more color options in the future.

  18. Verified Purchase

    It’s been almost a year since I bought these and they have officially stopped working. They connect to my device, they pair, they hold a charge, but the sound doesn’t transmit. I’ve tried all the fixes…they’ve worked in the past but not anymore. Seriously disappointing. I was planning on upgrading to the next model, but not if this is what happens. When they worked, they worked pretty well, besides not staying in my left ear. That’s why I wanted to upgrade. I’ve gone back to wired headphones. :-/

  19. Verified Purchase

    Thanks for the quick delivery. I am very pleased with the quality of these earphones. They sound performance is also amazing.

  20. Verified Purchase

    they may be the best earphones i have ever bought online.. i recommend them for the people who have limited budget, but want to buy high performance earphones..

    blackpods 3 review
  21. Verified Purchase

    I can assure you that these are the best earphones I have ever bought online. I would give 5 out of 5 to the quality of this product.

  22. Verified Purchase

    I was looking for a high-quality earphone for a week and then one of my friends recommended you. I had doubts about buying from overseas company. However, I got my two earphones only in 3 days and I’m living in Chicago. I definitely recommend them to everyone.

    blackpods 3 review
  23. Verified Purchase

    I believe that you need to sell your earphones for a higher price. You are cutting the competition and you offer really amazing earphones. Keep working in this way..

  24. Verified Purchase

    why should I waste hundreds of dollars for other products while i can find the same quality in your store. moreover, you offer affordable products! i really liked your products and bookmarked your website..

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